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Terrorism Paper - 1425 Words

This social and political issue has plagued mankind for centuries, but has only recently come into the eyes of current world leaders. The events of September 11, 2001 brought this issue into the spotlight (What Is Terrorism? Pg. 1). Ladies and gentlemen, I am of course talking about the agonizing issue of terrorism. Although this issue has existed for centuries, the word terrorism has only begun being used in the second part of the 19th century (What Is Terrorism? Pg. 1). The earliest account of a terrorist act in the second part of the 19th century was in 1968 when a Palestinian terrorist hijacked an Israeli airliner (What Is Terrorism? Pg. 4). There are two other factors which aid terrorism: one being the media which informs the world†¦show more content†¦Pg. 2). 2) Terrorists may want to create a state of fear and or anxiety within the allotted population so they may better easily overthrow the government or change the current social order (What Is Terrorism? Pg. 2). 3) T errorist leaders/organizers may want the targeted government to overreact and introduce harsh counterterrorism policies, which may provoke the general public to loath or even demand the resignation of their respected government (What Is Terrorism? Pg. 2). One is reminded of the 1985 movie Brazil, set in an alternative comedic dystopia somewhere in the 20th century, in which terror-bombings are so common that they barely generate attention. In one scene set in a fancy restaurant, a bomb goes off, but the diners dont even stop chatting away, even as fires are extinguished and bodies are carried out. (The San Francisco Chronicle. Feb. 17th, 2004/May 13th, 2006) The Israeli government and Hamas are one of the many two sides of terrorism and counter-terrorism. Hamas (Harakat al-Muqawamah al-Islamiyya) has one primary goal; which is the establishment of an Islamic state in all of Palestine (Hamas, Section #3). In order for them to accomplish this goal, they must declare all-out Jihad against their enemies and they must gain the participation of the entire Islamic community (Hamas, Section #3). The ideological and philosophical roots of Hamas can be found within the MuslimShow MoreRelatedReflection Paper On Terrorism1931 Words   |  8 PagesWhy am I here? What does terrorism, or counterterrorism, have to do with being a Patrol lieutenant? I asked these questions of myself on October 4, 2017 at 2:45 in the afternoon – The first day of this class. When I had enrolled in this course I was a Criminal Investigations Division lieutenant overseeing the unit that would be responsible for investigating anything deemed â€Å"Terrorism† for my agency. I was also the supervisor of the Executive Protection Unit. However, between enrollment and theRead MoreDomestic Terrorism Term paper702 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿ Excelsior College CJ 352 Domestic Terrorism Term Paper What are some of the arguments for or against the use of the internet as an intelligence-gathering tool? The internet is serving as virtual meeting for billions of users. The intelligence-gathering is leveraging the internet using hard data for online links. The social networking sites are the main complementary link to any information. The social networking sites provide the most importantRead MoreTerrorism Research Paper953 Words   |  4 Pagesfreezing of assets, with U.S. policy being â€Å"starving the terrorists of funding and shutting down the institutions that support or facilitate terrorism.† It was already illegal to provide or collect funds for acts of terrorism or to provide material support to designated terrorist organizations . The Office of Foreign Assets Control, within the Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network are two bureaus within the U.S. Treasury Department that rely onRead MoreFinal Argument Paper On Terrorism Essay1848 Words   |  8 PagesFinal Argument Paper Introduction Since the brutal attack America received on September 11, 2001, the United States government gave authorization for the use of â€Å"enhanced interrogation techniques† to be performed on terrorism suspects, captured and held within U.S. custody. To obtain useful information that could possibly, save thousands more lives in the future, than were lost that fateful day. It was also used, as a method to help increase current protection methods, and to obtain informationRead MoreThe Effect Of New Media On The Position Paper1705 Words   |  7 PagesThe Effect of New Media on the Position Paper Written in the Department of State Introduction The United States Department of State was founded on July 27, 1789. This institution moves forward under its mission statement, which is â€Å"to shape and sustain a peaceful, prosperous, just, and democratic world and foster conditions for stability and progress for the benefit of the American people and people everywhere† (State Dept Website). With world events proceeding in an alarming direction, such as theRead MoreTerroism1408 Words   |  6 PagesTerrorism Paper Stacy McCarson CJS/235 July 2016 Viviyonne Lee Terrorism Paper Terrorism is a critical issue that the world faces today. The stressful part is not knowing when an attack will happen and the location. Terrorism not only effects the people but the government as well because its purpose is a political reason. According to  Federal Bureau Investigation   Ã‚  (2016), â€Å"Terrorism is the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidateRead MoreTerrorism Is Very Real For Mnes Essay1233 Words   |  5 PagesSadly, terrorism permeates everyday society, and the intensifying impact of terrorism on international business is a global phenomenon with implications for both theory and practice. The research question addressed by this exploratory study is how international businesses apply past terrorism exposure and experience from operating in risky locations to create organizational preparedness and performance resilience to absorb and endure future terrorist attacks. This paper contributes to the international Read MoreTerrorism And International Business Research1130 Words   |  5 PagesSadly, terrorism permeates everyday society, and the intensifying impact of terrorism on international business is a global phenomenon with heightening implications for both theory and practice. This research paper is a novel exploratory study of how international businesses apply past terrorism exposure and experience from operating in risky locations to create organizational preparedness and performance resilience to endure future terrorist attacks. The unique firm level research provides a theoreticalRead MoreUnited States Department Of State1748 Words   |  7 Pagesthat falls under the umbrella of terrorism.   Terrorism, while difficult to define, still has a few key features that are mostly agreed upon. These features will be explored in depth through a discussion of the definition. Following the definition of terrorism, the paper will examine the cartels in Mexico. Their history, their goals, and their strategies will all be important for determining whether they should fall under the umbrella of terrorism. Finally, this paper will argue that the cartels inRead MoreDoc on Terra626 Words   |  3 PagesRunning head: DOCUMENTARIES ON TERRORISM Documentaries on Terrorism by Donna Browne A Paper Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for CJ 212 Heroism Saint Thomas Aquinas Collage Fall 2011 How is Terrorism Financed Introduction As we live is this world we are faced with all types of diversities. However the main diversity that the world has been facing is terrorism. Within the last decade, terrorism has hit the United States hard

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Jonathan Edwards Essay - 982 Words

Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) is widely recognized as one of America’s most profound Theologians. Some might even consider him the master of Puritan revival, since he was the leader of the Great Awakening. During his time he was a devout Calvinist who had the power of single-handedly keeping the Puritan faith strong for over twenty-five years, by using vivid imagery to provoke his audience. Edwards dialect was exquisitely influential and yet wielded with class and ease. This essay argues that Edwards was a prestigious theologian in his time that helped shape modern religious culture. From an early stage Edwards was influenced by his family tremendously. â€Å"As the only boy, he was the center of attention. From early years his parents†¦show more content†¦To Stoddard, the idea of â€Å"fostering conversions was more important than discovering a perfect church order, and in that attitude he blazed the way for the most influential practice in American religious history: he was the first American to make periodic revivals a centerpiece of his ministry† . Every decade his congregation would experience an â€Å"awakening† in which many people were moved spiritually and often lead to conversion. Some of these revivals even made it past Northampton and into the neighboring communities, directly impacting young Edwards and his family, for Edwards’s father rejected the half-way covenant but endorsed revival. These disagreements divided his family and remained unresolved for decades . In 1726 Edwards moved to Northampton to help his grandfather as assistant pastor, â€Å"he was probably more inclined to agree with the stricter views of his father rather than with his grandfather’s more open policy regarding communicant membership, but for the time being, an agreement to disagree seems to have prevailed† . When Solomon Stoddard died in February 1729, Edwards assumed full responsibility of the congregation. Wi th the inheritance of the congregation came considerable expectations, considering Northampton regarded Solomon as a sort of deity. â€Å"New England’s occasional awakenings and other efforts to revive piety were part of an international ‘pietist’ movement† .Show MoreRelatedJonathan Edwards : Early Colonial Theologist And Religious Revivalist1533 Words   |  7 PagesJonathan Edwards: Early Colonial Theologist and Religious Revivalist Jonathan Edwards (1703-1759) played a historic part in American Christianity as we know it today. He was a notorious religious figure during a time when Congregationalists were determined to adhere to the religious styles of old. His intellectual and theological reason, along with his fervent zeal fueled by the Holy Spirit, makes him one of the greatest evangelistic preachers and apologists of all time. His life, works, andRead MoreJonathan Edwards : A Great Shepherd Of Early Colonial Theology And Revivalism1214 Words   |  5 PagesJonathan Edwards: A Great Shepherd of Early Colonial Theology and Revivalism Jonathan Edwards (1703-1759) played a historical part in American Christianity as we know it today. He was a notorious religious figure during a time when Congregationalists were determined to adhere to the religious styles of old. His intellectual and theological reason, along with his fervent zeal fueled by the Holy Spirit, makes him one of the greatest evangelistic preachers and apologists of all time. His life,Read More Some Notes Concerning Affections and the Sublime in the Work of Jonathan Edward4475 Words   |  18 PagesSome Notes Concerning Affections and the Sublime in the Work of Jonathan Edward Jonathan Edwards’s attention to the separation of the body from the soul combined with his efforts to account for the spirit of revivalism during the â€Å"Great Awakening† implicates the sublime as both a rhetorical tool and psychological experience that, in either case, foregrounds the relationship between an individual’s perception of the self and his or her relationship to a community. Comparing Edwards’s personalRead MoreEssay On Jonathan Edwards1291 Words   |  6 PagesJonathan Edwards his sermons and works Prospectus draft HIUS 435-D01 August 4, 2017 Joel Leviten Jonathan Edwards was born October 5th, 1703 in East Windsor Connecticut, he was the son of Timothy Edwards who was also a preacher. Jonathan Edwards was a preacher, philosopher, and a Protestant Theologian. Jonathan Edwards was known as the most important and one of the original philosophical theologians of all times. In my Prospectus paper, I will be discussing the sermons andRead MoreThe Life of Jonathan Edwards3484 Words   |  14 PagesBaptist Theological Seminary The Life of Jonathan Edwards A Paper Submitted to Dr. Gregory Tomlin In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Course American Christianity CHHI 692 Table of Contents Abstract 3 Biographical Outline 4-5 Survey of Edwards Life 5-18 Work Written By Jonathan Edwards 19-20 Bibliography 21-22 Abstract Through out Jonathan Edwards’ life he focused on preaching and expressing his views andRead MoreJonathan Edwards And The Great Awakening1080 Words   |  5 Pagespreachers such as George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards sparked a religious shift and revitalisation known as the Great Awakening. Edwards, influenced by enlightenment thinkers Berkeley and Locke, pioneered ideas and practices that would reshape the protestant church and American society. Jonathan Edwards transformed the religious and ideological landscape of the American public because of his large scale influence and role in the Great Awakening. Jonathan Edwards had a large scale influence on AmericanRead MoreJonathan Edwards : The Great Awakening1210 Words   |  5 PagesMinna Autry Mrs. Nicki Brewer American Literature 20 November 2015 Title Jonathan Edwards was one of the most famed evangelical preachers in the Age of the Great Awakening. He is best known for his most impactful sermon, â€Å"Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.† Edwards preached with fury and conviction of the All Great our God. He preached for the wanderers; those lost in their spiritual belief. Edwards uses a wide variety of figurative language and rhetorical techniques to urge unregenerate ChristiansRead MoreJonathan Edwards And Nathaniel Hawthorne1294 Words   |  6 Pagesthe effort, perfection is unattainable and something that should not be feared by anyone. Famous Puritan authors Jonathan Edwards and Nathaniel Hawthorne in their works give the same impression as Dali, they both believe that the strive for perfection is both unrealistic and unattainable. In regard to the unattainably of perfection Hawthorne and Edwards’ opinions differ greatly, Edwards believes that even though perfection is unrealistic, one can and should sti ll strive for it, while Hawthorne onRead MoreThe Great Awakening By Jonathan Edwards1231 Words   |  5 Pagesgreat insight to the basis of how the revival effected the way of life and thinking of the colonies. They quote different events and impacts the Great Awakening had on the people and how it influenced them in some ways. The first article is from Jonathan Edwards, a Congregationalist minister in New England. It is titled, â€Å"Some Thoughts Concerning the Present Revival of Religion (1743)†. He goes on to tell us how the moment of the Great Awakening is causing a major change in the people of colonial AmericaRead MoreWhose Time Had Come838 Words   |  3 Pagescovenant members than that of devout Christians (Worrell, 4). The churches plan to save Christianity in their towns was quickly realized to be a larger problem than was an aid. One of the prominent leaders in the First Great Awakening was Jonathan Edwards. Jonathan Edwards grew up in a stern, Christian home (Worrell, 5). The descendant of two preachers, he took to the religious lifestyle at a young age (5). Although he was guided in the right direction, he often struggled with questions of the God he served

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War Is One Of The Biggest Atrocities That Man Must Commit Free Essays

After looking through the slideshow for this portion of the class I felt a mixture of sadness and hope, disgust and inspiration, confusion and clarity. These images bounce back and forth from a crying child to one who has had access to medical attention, a naked child screaming in terror in the streets to an image of the same woman as an adult, happy and healthy. War is one of the biggest atrocities that man must commit but at the same time people are never as beautiful or as courageous as when they are in the midst of crisis. We will write a custom essay sample on War Is One Of The Biggest Atrocities That Man Must Commit or any similar topic only for you Order Now Take the picture of the Young Beggar’s in Saigon for example. This picture is bittersweet. It is extremely sad but also really beautiful. The infant in the box makes me want to weep but I am comforted by the fact that these two young people are holding hands. They have each other. If nothing else these two have that little human contact that will make their situation bearable. Other examples of this include the shoeshine boys who have congregated together to form a young Saigon gang. Is this an ideal picture, no, but it is real. These children may have to grow up quickly but they have each other and they are living the only childhood they will ever know. But then there are photos of the young victims of war, bombing victims and women trying to smuggle her children out of the war zone. These are not pretty pictures but again they illustrate the beauty of the human spirit. Could I appreciate life if I had never seen with my own eyes the sadness of a life taken too soon? Could anyone ever know real strength and courage if they had never felt the tinges of fear? There were other pictures that were slightly confusing, such as the photo of the US Marine giving the young girl a cigarette. At first I thought, â€Å"Why would he give such a young child a cigarette? † But then I realized it was because that was all this soldier had to give. I am sure that being an American, used to children having the right to grow up healthy and safe, makes it difficult to see children growing up in the midst of a war zone. It makes one want to â€Å"rescue† each other. And again that is admirable. Look at the girls face in that photo. She is radiant. She is the lightness in an otherwise bleak world. In response, I really don’t know who the â€Å"good† guys are and who the â€Å"bad† guys are in these photos. And truly I don’t know that it matters. I was truck by the strength and beauty that was represented here. Look at the faces in these pictures and you see strength, perseverance, tradition and even love. For example, look at the woman in the photo A Vietnamese Woman, the trials and tribulations of life are etched all over her face. Ultimately these photos represent the good and the bad, the yin and yang of humanity. For some strange reason man does not appreciate life until life is taken away. And unfortunately the world is a better place after we have had to clean up the rubble of war and human greed. Somehow in the midst of destruction we find the strength to help each other, pick up where we left off. Yet, when all is well in the world we get greedy and seek to destroy. These images are timeless. Despite our disgust at seeing a young child tortured we, as a race, will continue to commit these crimes. Maybe as a species man has self destructive tendencies. Maybe we can only appreciate the beauty of life when we see the ugliness in death. How to cite War Is One Of The Biggest Atrocities That Man Must Commit, Essays

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Individual Creating A Business Opportunity â€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Individual Creating Such A Business Opportunity? Answer: Introduction Entrepreneurship is a process through which an individual can design, launch and run a new business. The individual creating such a business opportunity is called as an entrepreneur. The term typically focuses on the launching and running a business. Running a business involves lot of risk in an initial stage. For gaining market competency, it is important for a business enterprise to be aware about the booming industry. This will allow the business to grow in a multi-dimensional way. The following proposal reviews the fast-food business future prospect in Australia (Drucker, 2014). It further distributes the sustainable objectives that are important for a business organization in dealing with the issue. An individual can gain sustainable objectives by developing concrete goals. It is important to form an effective alliance by gaining competitive advantage. This will allow the business organization to gain a competitive advantage by understanding the market requirement. The restauran t industry in Australia is doing extremely well. They can only gain a competitive advantage by understanding the market requirements and functioning accordingly (Kirzner, 2015). The business organization needs to enter into the marketing by understanding the growing business prospect. It is widely recommended that the business organization need to deploy effectiveness through an effective framework. It will allow the business to manage the future challenges and gain appropriateness. In a long run, it is important for a business organization to develop effectiveness through different business techniques. It is advantageous for the business in gaining a competitive advantage (Kuratko, 2016). Brief description of the industry and market In the recent time, the Consumer health awareness has transformed the Fast Food Services industry. The overall Industry demand has been affected by augmented awareness about the nutritional content of fast food. People are turning towards the healthy options due to increased awareness. Industry operators have countered by bringing in a range of healthier, premium choices with less fat, sugar and salt. The change in consumer fondness has led to an invasion of new operators contributing higher quality fast-food options. The overall participation in the fast food industry has gone up combining with rising prices as demand for premium products has increased. It is expected that the drive for revenue growth will increase by 3.0% over 2016-17. The Revenue is predicted to increase by an annualised 3.9%. Fast Food Services industry is presently at the mature phase of its life cycle. The forecasted post annualised growth is expected to be 2.3% over the 10 years through 2021-22, while comparin g it with an annualised rise in Australian GDP of 2.5%. There is a slight deficit of the wider economy over the 10-year period. There is a continuous demand for the healthy food options; however the overall deficit has been determined by weaker revenue development and strong opposition from external sources. There is a serious competition in the industry from supermarkets, restaurants and convenience stores (IBIS WORLD 2017). Following are the products provided by the entrepreneur in the fast food industry: Burgers Pizza Chicken-based fast food Sandwiches, salads and juices Desserts and confectionery Other fast food Type or Entrepreneurship The type of Entrepreneurship depends upon many factors like availability of fund, and deriving the capabilities according to the type of venture an individual is making. Independent, Family, Corporate and Franchise are the four type of entrepreneurial venture in todays business context. In order to make a successful growth, it is necessary for a business organization to develop concrete objectives that will help him in adding sustainable growth and development. In the current context, it is important for a business organization to develop a business venture through an effective procedure. This will allow the organization in managing the business in an effective way. The success of a venture resides on number of factors like human, financial and material resources. These factors accompany in making an effective business organization. . Independent business organization is the one who takes all the decision in the organization pertaining to the business. All the major decisions are tak en by the entity (Schaper, Volery, Weber and Gibson, 2014). The corporation is a business organization established to gain effectiveness. It is a form of business operation that states that the business is a separate, legal entity directed by a group of people known as board of directors. A Family business is the one carried out by the people in a family from years. The business is carried forward by the future generation. This allow in gaining sustainable objectives and attaining longevity (Baum, Frese and Baron, 2014). Franchising is a business which provides right to use a firm's business model and brand for an agreed time-period. It is one of the finest models for the fast food restaurant industry. There are international food-chains that can easily be established through an effective franchising model. The model helps in integrating the function in the most effective way. Majority of fast-food chains are based on the franchising model. This model is effective in gaining market potential and to deliberately gain concrete market objectives. Depending upon the current market opportunity and growth, it is important for the business enterprise to develop an effective entrepreneurial venture in order to manage the business (Bhachu, 2017). Benefits and drawbacks of each of the four options Independent, Family, Corporate and Franchise Business Venture Benefits Drawback Independent The sole proprietor takes all the major decision related to the business. There is no external intervention to the business. All the decision regarding the sale or transfer takes place at the judgment of the business-man. No corporation tax payments Negligible legal costs to establish a business organization (Scott, 2006). Fewer business requirements The individual is held personally liable for the debts and obligation of the business. The risk pertaining to the business extends to him individually All responsibilities and business decisions depend upon the individual. There are fewer investors in the business organization (Szirmai, Naud and Goedhuys, 2011). Corporation Shareholders are not liable for any debts or for the decision handed down against the corporation. The Shareholders are responsible to the extent of their equity in the corporation. More funds can be raised by selling shares in the corporation. They may deduct extra benefits it provides to employees and officers. In order to form a corporation, more time and money is required than any other business structure. The government agencies monitor corporations on a regular basis. The Corporate profits are liable to higher overall taxes as the government taxes profits at the corporate level. In addition, a corporation might not presume any dividends paid to the shareholders (ACS and Audretsch, 2005). Family Stability: The Family business are more stable and typically determines the business is known for the longevity in leadership, resulting in constancy within the organization Commitment: The business organization meets all the pre-requisites that make the business more committed and accountable (Wu and Huarng, 2015). Flexibility: The business is flexible enough to meet the expectations of an individual. An individual can work in his own way. Long-term Outlook: The business runs for a longer time-period in order to meet goals. Decreased Cost: The family members work at their will and contribute their finances to guarantee long?term success of the organization (Tidd and Bessant, 2015). Family Conflict: there can be a Conflict in between the members resulting in disturbances. This may affect the family relationships, and the type of disapproval that comes with familiarity. Unstructured Governance: There are disturbance in the organization due to Governance issues such as internal hierarchies and rules. The business organization takes an inability to follow and adhere to external corporate laws that tend to be taken less seriously at family businesses. This affect the business against the trust inherent at family firms Nepotism:Some of the family businesses are unenthusiastic to let outsiders into the top tier, This affect the business organization and result in balancing skills, education, or experience Succession Planning: In the absence of a succession plan it is difficult for the business organization to gain effective leadership. The family business might fail due to unavailability of a succession plan. It is important for a business organization to put-forward a plan in order to gain success. It is important to manage the business organization. Franchising It is one of the most effective way through which an international business organization enter into the market. This reduces the risk of business failure. The business is already based on the proven idea that decreases the futuristic loss. Products and services are already established in market. Consequently there is no need to do market testing. A recognized brand name and trade mark will benefit the business organization through advertising or promotion. The franchisor supports the business that includes training, help setting up the business etc. No prior experience is required to operate the franchise. In this way the small business can compete with big businesses, due to the pool of support from the franchisor. One can enjoy the exchange rights in their territory. The franchisor won't trade any other franchises in the same location. Financing the business is easier. The financial institutions are more expected to lend money to buy a franchise. One can get benefit from communicating and sharing ideas and receiving support the network. Relationships with suppliers can easily be established in this business structure. The cost may be higher than expected. The initial cost of buying a franchising is higher that is difficult for an individual to manage. The franchise agreement includes restrictions that might affect an easy flow of business. The franchisor continuously overview the business due to his intrusive nature. The franchisor goes out of business (Hagen, Denicolai and Zucchella, 2014). Other franchisees may affect the brand reputation. It is difficult to sell franchise and can sell it to someone accepted by the franchisor. All profits are usually shared with the franchisor. The rigid nature of a franchise restricts capability to develop changes to the business. This will help me in managing the business in the most appropriate way by developing the business. Benefits and drawbacks of buying an existing business compared to starting one from scratch In order to start a business organization it is important to manage the operations in case of organizing a business. It is tough for an individual too start a business from scratch. For that purpose it is necessary to collect the resources and to execute the plan accordingly. If an individual wants to establish a new business he has to make sure that he has enough resources. It is important, for managing a business enterprise it is evident to arrange the resources in the most appropriate way (Link, 2017). The business organization strengths and weakness depend upon the utilization of the different factors. While starting a business from a scratch it, is tough to deploy all the resources in an effective way. People might find difficulty in managing the resources from scratch. They have to invest time on every peculiar object in the organization. This creates a mess for an individual who is planning to invest in the business for the future prospect. It is important for an individual to meet the future contingencies all alone. This will create problem for an individual to proceed with in a better way (Mitra, 2013). In case of an established business it is easy for an individual to move forward. The resources are available easily leading to easiness in conducting a business. For a business organization it is important to manage the resources in an appropriate way, any scarcity of resources can lead to business failure. For the restaurant business it is recommended to buy a new business from a scratch. This will help in adding creative idea into the business organization. In this way the business can gain a competitive advantage over other. By developing effective changes into the business, it is easy to gain economies of scale. The purpose of a business organization is to meet the objectives by deriving long term goals. A business organization can only survive, if it has added some competitive advantage to their business. The new venture should manage the business by adding creative idea that stimulates the business process. This will be helpful for a business organization in order to derive goals (Lee, Hallak and Sardeshmukh, 2016). Recommendations Hence, it is important for an individual to implement an effective business model tool. This tool will help in growth of the business. Effectiveness in a business can only be derived if the business has as vision. It is recommended to enter through a franchisee. This allows the business organization to grow in a diversified way and to use resources in a better way. The change in consumer fondness has led to an invasion of new operators contributing higher quality fast-food options. The overall participation in the fast food industry has gone up combining with rising prices as demand for premium products has increased. This is creating an overall impact on the business process. In order to manage the business in a better way, it is recommended to manage the resources for the purpose of franchising. This process allows an individual to develop a business enterprise in a well organized way. Depending upon the current market opportunity and growth, it is important for the business enterp rise to develop an effective entrepreneurial venture in order to manage the business. This is important for a business to develop the resources in an effective way. The purpose should be to gain a profit in order to remain competitive in the market. The purpose of the business organization is to manage the changes and to be a pioneer. Franchising model helps in integrating the function in the most effective way. Majority of fast-food chains are based on the franchising model. This model is effective in gaining market potential and to deliberately gain concrete market objectives. Conclusion To Conclude, It is evident for a business organization to derive the policies keeping in mind the growing necessity. The structure of the business should be focused on growth and development. One can attain the concrete objectives by deriving effectiveness at work. It is important to manage the ongoing challenges and to gain competitiveness. An individual can gain sustainable objectives by developing concrete goals. It is important to form an effective alliance by gaining competitive advantage. This will allow the business organization to gain a competitive advantage by understanding the market requirement. For a business enterprise it is necessary to choose a better model. References Acs, Z.J. and Audretsch, D.B., 2005. Entrepreneurship, innovation and technological change.Foundations and Trends in Entrepreneurship,1(4), pp.149-195. Baum, J.R., Frese, M. and Baron, R.A. eds., 2014.The psychology of entrepreneurship. Psychology Press. Bhachu, P. ed., 2017.Immigration and entrepreneurship: culture, capital, and ethnic networks. Routledge. Drucker, P., 2014.Innovation and entrepreneurship. Routledge. Hagen, B., Denicolai, S. and Zucchella, A., 2014. International entrepreneurship at the crossroads between innovation and internationalization.Journal of International Entrepreneurship,12(2), pp.111-114. IBIS WORLD 2017, Fast Food Services in Australia. Online. Availabe at: Accessed on: 10 September 2017 Kirzner, I.M., 2015.Competition and entrepreneurship. University of Chicago press. Kuratko, D.F., 2016.Entrepreneurship: Theory, process, and practice. Cengage Learning. Lee, C., Hallak, R. and Sardeshmukh, S.R., 2016. Innovation, entrepreneurship, and restaurant performance: a higher-order structural model.Tourism Management,53, pp.215-228. Link, A.N., 2017. Ideation, entrepreneurship, and innovation.Small Business Economics,48(2), pp.279-285. Mitra, J., 2013.Entrepreneurship, innovation and regional development: an introduction. Routledge. Schaper, M.T., Volery, T., Weber, P.C. and Gibson, B., 2014.Entrepreneurship and small business. Scott, A.J., 2006. Entrepreneurship, innovation and industrial development: geography and the creative field revisited.Small business economics,26(1), pp.1-24. Szirmai, A., Naud, W. and Goedhuys, M. eds., 2011.Entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic development. Oxford University Press. Tidd, J. and Bessant, J., 2015.Innovation and entrepreneurship(No. 3). Wiley. Wu, C.W. and Huarng, K.H., 2015. Global entrepreneurship and innovation in management

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20 Persuasive Essay Topics on the Social Aspect of Sports

20 Persuasive Essay Topics on the Social Aspect of Sports It doesn’t matter how good you write, if you choose a bad topic you will find it difficult to leave a mark. Without an appropriate topic, it’s very difficult to even start writing. We already provided you with valuable information in our 10 facts for a persuasive essay on sports as a social institution guide. In this second guide, we’ve collected 20 sports persuasive essay topics so you can start writing them right away. Furthermore, we’ve also included a persuasive sample essay on one of the 20 topics, which will serve well to assist you. We highly recommend that you thoroughly read our third guide which is the perfect manual for writing a persuasive essay. It eases you into writing a better and more precise persuasive essay that is not only compelling to the eyes of the reader, but also a piece that comes off as professional and elegant too. With that said, here are 20 sports topics on social aspect: How Sports is Reshaping Global Politics Effects of Sports on Global Culture Sports’ Role as a Social Institution How Sports is Making a Difference in Intercultural Relations Sports as an Instrument to Unite People Around the World Sports A Powerful Tool to Foster Peace and Mutual Understanding How Sport is Used as Means of Power and Development Influence of Sports on People’s Lives How Sports Have Changed Our Culture Role of Sports in Ancient Civilizations Correlation of Sports with Culture and Religion Why Sports is a Necessity for People Reasons Behind the Creation of Sports Relation of Sports with Other Social Institutions How Sports Influence Social and Economic Status of an Individual Sports’ Influence on Political Identities How Sports have Promoted Thousands of Players Worldwide Sports and The Reason it Is a Part of Everyone’s Lives Global Revenue of Sports and How it Affects Economic Systems Sports and its Influence on Media and Television You’ll find plenty of information on these topics, but still, we’ve included 7 references from where we collected the topics, just so you know. To make things easier, we’ve written a sample persuasive essay on one of the topics above. Sample Persuasive Essay: Sports and Its Influence on Media and Television Ever since sports became a part of media and television series, it’s become very close to a convergence. Through new digital technologies, sports and entertainment industries have risen to a challenge where they are able to change and shape the way we spend our leisure time and entertain ourselves. Even though economic times have recently been troubled, sports continued to thrive and become more popular than ever. However, lower tier events find it difficult to get the attention they need – they have to work a lot harder than major events to achieve their desired viewership. Since we are seeing a major breakthrough in media and a remarkable competition between entertainment industries, sports have focused more on providing value for money by delivering added entertainment segments and more. Sports have also been used to attract viewers into watching lead-out programs that are not as popular as they aim to be. For example, one of the most watched programs in American television history was the 2011 Super Bowl; it gave 27 million viewers to Glee, the lead-out program had almost doubled its usual view score. Through social media channels, sports have continued to offer entertaining and personalized opportunities to their fans by creating a two-way communication. It allows fans to get personal with sports protagonists, personalities and athletes and on the other hand, enables sponsors to embed their brand and have an understanding of how fans perceive their brand. It’s a great way to provide and manage the quality and value of convergence between sports and entertainment industries. Through the use of internet media, television advertising and improved economic conditions, entertainment industries have increased the global revenue of sports in 2015 and in the future, pay-TV penetration will be the leading driver to boost revenue as most of the sports programs are migrating to pay-TV platforms. The convergence of sports and media has attracted more viewers than they ever did alone. Sports have been a dominant social institution to influence, inspire and attract different aspect of identities and individuals. This convergence has not only led to billions of revenue in the United States alone, but it has also brought different nations and cultures to a big intercultural unification. Through the media, sports have become a leading social institution and serve as a platform for debate, gossip, reviews, scandals, feats and more. This covers it! You are on your way to writing a compelling and ideal persuasive essay on sports as a social institution. Be sure to follow our third and final writer’s guide for a persuasive essay on sports as a social institution, which will greatly help in writing a clear and concise essay that persuades your audience to agree with your point of view. References: Hardin, M., Greer, J. D. (2009). The influence of gender-role socialization, media use and sports participation on perceptions of gender-appropriate sports. Journal of Sport Behavior, 32(2), 207. Horne, J. (2006). Sport in consumer culture.Sport in consumer culture. Palgrave Macmillan. Jhally, S. (1989). Cultural studies and the sports/media complex. Media, sports, and society, 70-93. Coakley, J. J. (1997). Sport in society: issues controversies.Sport in society: issues controversies.. McGraw-Hill Inc. FREY, JH; EITZEN, DS; 1991 â€Å"Sport and Society – Annual Review of Sociology† Volume 17, Pages 503-522 Annual Reviews Inc. Coakley, J. J. (1997). Sport in society: issues controversies.Sport in society: issues controversies.. McGraw-Hill Inc.   YÄ ±lmaz Kaplan, Demet Tekinay, Dr. Alkan Ugurlu; 2013 â€Å"Social Status of Sport: Sport as a Social Event, Phenomenon and Institution† International Journal of Science, Culture and Sports.

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The Concept of The Natural Step essays

The Concept of The Natural Step essays Can Natural Step promote sustainability in Organisations? There are three examples where companies have used The Natural Step and the outcomes prove whether it promotes sustainability. The examples shown are Stena Metall AB, an industrial recycling, trading and shipping company. The second example is Scandic Hotels and example three is Interface, a manufacturer of commercial floor covering. The Natural Step is a non- profit environmental education organisation with sight of the socially and ecologically sustainable society. Karl Henrik Robert, a cancer doctor in Sweden, discovered Natural Step in 1989. He noticed an increase in childhood leukaemia cases and seen and understood an association between human illnesses and toxins. The approach for The Natural Step is to develop their framework, and put it to use in companies and other organisations. They intend to support it, plus Work towards becoming role models in the domain of sustainable development. Internet. The Natural Step promotes sustainability, and to define sustainability this is when materials are used in continuous cycles, reliable sources of energy is used continuously, and qualities of being human is sustainable. Examples would be as follows: creativity, co-ordination, appreciation, and spiritual and intellectual development. Internet The Natural Step sets out a framework to guide companies and organisations in a direction towards sustainable development and defines the framework it lays out. The purpose of the framework is to explain in the simplest terms so that companies can understand it and integrate in their everyday work. It includes four core processes: i. Understanding the nature of business and society that is unsustainable and the interest of inspiring towards sustainability. ii. Understanding the principles for sustainability, i.e., the four systems Conditions. iii. Strategic visioning through back-casting from a desired sustain...

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Societal Changes in Women Status 30s-70s Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Societal Changes in Women Status 30s-70s - Essay Example These changes as represented by the pendulum have political and economic influences being the major cause affecting these changes. However, individual women have impressively changed the concept of the woman as gender perception as seen by Maya Angelou who during the world second war aspired to be a street car conductor and ended up being the first African American street car conductor thanks to her relentless applications (Collins, 2003). In his intriguing and captivating book, Collins gives examples of heroines like Hannah Dustan who in 1697 escaped from her captors by slitting them and returned to her home to a jubilated welcome. The book gives a wide range of inspiring examples of women thus the other meaning of the pendulum swinging wide. There are quite a number of historical facts that paved way to the behavior of women in the 20th century particularly between the 1930s to the 1970s. For example, in 1637 the law had to be changed after Ann fowler was sentenced to 20 lashes when she verbally abused a county justice by the name of Adam Thorowgood in Virginia (Walsh, 2010). It was then stated that husbands were no longer liable for damages caused by their wives. In Pennsylvania, single impoverished women were forced to wear bras with the letter P which stood for pauper whenever they appeared in public. In world war two, there were over 1000 women pilots, but they could only fly planes that were grounded. This meant that they could not leave the ground, so they only towed the planes for either takeoff or landing for inexperienced male pilots. Despite this, over 80% of the reading public was female at the time. This had a positive impact on American scholarship history, for women were inevitably placed on the same class as the men. The book celebrates women like the Grimke sisters, Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, Jane Addams, and Dolores Huerta who have arguably influenced the behavior of women in the 1920s and beyond. It is reported that the American Government and cultural leaders sent mixed messages to women regarding their social status, work, education and family through domestic policies gender roles and design of their positions in society. The American government having been influenced by philosophical advocates under nongovernmental organizations on gender equality weakened the family by legitimizing divorce. It also had no policy that supports in any way, infertile women giving rise to promiscuity and rise of immorality. More so infertile women had a high probability of dying during pregnancy and feared to give birth leading to a lower birthrate during the 1920s, and the government still did not address this issue (Smith, 2005). The cultural leaders particularly the Catholics in the na me of ‘modernity’ reduced the number of grants for memorial masses for the dead. This in turn no longer inspired the young generation to give birth to a new generation. So population did not grow as intended, and marriage, which is the sole unit for conception was not as recognized as should have been. In his book ‘utopia against the family’ Bryce J. Christensen mentions organizations like the American home economics declaring that families have nothing to do with blood marriage legal ties or adoption, instead states that it is of two or more persons who share similar resources, responsibilities goals and virtues over a period of time. Politicians and the media have picked this mentality and spread it